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Monday, February 22, 2016

Travel to Vietnam - 5 reasons why you need a Vietnam guide

Vietnam guide

When people think of Vietnam, they normally think about a country that suffered from the war. But now, it has changed a lot. Being blessed by mother nature, Vietnam becomes one the most beautiful countries in South East Aisa, a Pearl of the Orient. 

Because of its beauty, many people in the world are traveling to Vietnam. But going to a country that not many people can speak English well, an English speaking tour guide with good local knowledge is a great idea. And that's the best when you can be able to find a tour guide plus a great friend in Vietnam.
Here are 5 reasons why you need a Vietnam guide when traveling to Vietnam.

1. Language

Vietnam guide

As mentioned, Vietnam is the country that not all people speak English, if you don't want to say not many people speak English fluently. This will cause many problems if people don't understand what you want or if you don't understand what is the situation, especially when you are in an emergency case.
Traveling with a Vietnam guide will allow you to eliminate that kind of inconvenience. You will be totally relaxed and just enjoying your trip, the communication with local people becomes an easy mission than ever.

2. Safety

Vietnam guide

To everyone, safety is the priority of travel, especially when woman is traveling solo or in a small group. Having a local guide will make sure you are safe whenever you go.

3. More comfortable and flexible travel

Vietnam guide

When you travel in a big group, the budget will be lower, but you will not feel comfortable  and flexible when your desire is not putting on top, and you have to follow the majority. You don't want to go shopping but what, there are many people want to stop at a shop and stay there like forever, how about your time? It's not considering well in this case. 
And what happen when you are in a tour just for yourself or your family? It's much better, it's worth value for money! Your time is considered, your desire is the most importance. And the Vietnam guide will just focus on how to make you and your family a trip of lifetime by delivering all of your wishes!

4. More connected to the local lifestyle, culture

Vietnam guide

Since you will have chances to go to some places that more like non-touristy, more local, and in the small group, you will be more engaged to the culture. The local guide will connect you with their people much better than you discover it by yourself. It's time to make friends, and make unforgettable moments in your life.

5. Avoid tourist traps

Vietnam guide

In many cases, travelers get in a tour and realize that they are taken to many places that do not even have any interesting landscapes, there are just to shopping and the tour company can take the commission from what you buy. And your trip turns out to be a disaster when everywhere you go is tourist traps. How can you avoid this situation? Should you find a trustworthy and responsible tour guide? The answer is yes!

Vietnam is a very beautiful country that people are going to experience its beauty. But how many people can have a truly feeling of a real Vietnam? A truly feeling of an unique Asian culture? Let's be really inspired by a local people and you should have a fantastic trip! 


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