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Thursday, February 25, 2016

10 best places to visit in Vietnam

Best places to visit in Vietnam

When people think of Vietnam, they normally think about a country that suffered from the war. But now, it has changed a lot. Being blessed by mother nature, Vietnam becomes one the most beautiful countries in South East Aisa, a Pearl of the Orient. Here are 10 best places to visit in Vietnam.


Best places to visit in Vietnam - Saigon
With over 300 years of development, Saigon (also names at Ho Chi Minh City) has many ancient architectural works such as West Palace Affairs, Opera House, Post Office, the ancient temples (Giac Lam, Thien Hau temple, Giac Vien pagoda, Ancestral ...), the ancient churches (Notre Dame, Huyen Sy, Thong Tay Hoi, Thu Duc ...). Overall, one of the cultural characteristics of the 300-year history of Saigon - Gia Dinh, a convergence of many culture, as "architectural structure" Vietnam - Chinese - French. Saigon now is one of 2 biggest cities of Vietnam, attract travellers by its development and modernity.

Mekong Delta

Best places to visit in Vietnam - Mekong Delta
With a crisscrossed system of rivers, canals along with luxuriant fruit orchards, Mekong Delta in the South West Vietnam is one of  Vietnam destinations for those who want to find the peaceful feeling in the countryside. When coming here, travelers must visit the floating market to learn about the daily life of the locals, eating tropical fruit in the orchard, paddling to explore the mangroves, visit Coconut monk...


Best places to visit in Vietnam - Dalat
Fog city or the city of thousand flowers is what people use to call Dalat. Dalat possesses a natural beauty along with poetic natural scenery, it will bring you the unique feeling of the image of a city steeped in flower color and cool weather every moment of the year.


Best places to visit in Vietnam - Nhatrang
If you are looking to experience the vibrant nightlife in a coastal city, Nhatrang is your ideal Vietnam destinations not to be missed. In addition, coming to Nhatrang, you also get to experience many exciting water sports such as diving, surfing, parasailing...And, one more excellent point of Nhatrang is the cuisine with delicious rustic dishes like jellyfish noodles, banh can, bun cha ca...


Best places to visit in Vietnam - Hoian
Hoian is an ancient town and located in the lower section of Thubon river. Hoian was formerly a bustling international port, the meeting place of Japanese, Chinese, and Western merchant ships. Currently, Hoian ancient town is still preserved the architectural monuments such as housing, assembly halls, temples, shrines... With outstanding value of itself, Hoian has been reconized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1999. The great time for you to watch this magical ancient town is when it lights up, you'll see shimmering and vibrant streets with colorful lanterns. 


Best places to visit in Vietnam - Hue
Mother nature has blessed Hue with many beautiful landscape, but Hue is actually shine by tangible and intangible cultural values created by human. It is the quintessential land of cultural convergence, building up a spirit, a very personal nuances of Hue.
Hue has many attractions: the Citadel and the royal monument, other attractions can be included: the ancient town like Bach Dang, Chi Lang, the Buddhist architecture, the gardens, the village ...,shopping at Dong Ba market. Going beyond the suburbs, travelers can get to the royal tombs like Gia Long, Minh Mang, Tu Duc... or sightseeing on cruise along the Perfume river, visit the villages, the lagoon - is also very interesting.


Best places to visit in Vietnam - Quangbinh
Located at the gateway to Hue, Quangbinh is like a monumental painting or mountains and beaches. The landscapes here are truly spectacular, charming. Quangbinh have many golden sands sparkling near green forest, so many beautiful beaches, shimmering and unpolluted. Quangbinh have famous scenic spots such as Phong Nha, Tien Son cave, primeval forests in the Phong Nha - Ke Bang national park, Nhat Le beach, Bang hot springs, especially, Sondoong is the world largest cave that has been found recently. All of those make Quangbinh become one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.


Best places to visit in Vietnam - Hanoi
Hanoi - the capital, thousands years of civilization has always attracted travelers by its ancient features, amazingly peaceful. A tour around Hanoi will leave in the travelers unforgettable memories of 36 old streets, Temple of Literature - standing like the symbol of Hanoi capital, Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son temple - the heart of Trang An Hanoi.


Best places to visit in Vietnam - Sapa
Located in Northwest Vietnam, Sapa is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam due to it's natural landscape of majestic hills, mountains, terraced rice fields. In here, travelers are also falling in love with the ethnic people and it's very interesting to learn  about their unique culture.

Halong Bay

Best places to visit in Vietnam -Halong bay
Halong bay is a small bay that belongs to the Western Coast of North Bay at North East Vietnam, Halong Bay is recognized as a world natural heritage in 1994 and is one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. With the surrounding islands, Ha Long Bay wowed with travelers not only for its beauty but also by the wonderful mystery hidden inside. Go to Halong Bay, travelers can sightseeing, swimming, kayaking, snorkelling or make a sunset tours on the bay combined with fishing....
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