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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

5 Vietnam destinations in top Southeast Asia tourist attractions

Vietnam destinations

Muine sand hill, Sapa, Mekong Delta, Phuquoc island and the Cuchi tunnel are Vietnam destinations that Huffingtonpost listed in the list of Southeast Asia destinations that "can change your life"

1. Muine sand hill
Vietnam destinations

Mui Ne Sand Hill (also known as Sand Hill Bay) is one of the sandy beaches that larges several kilometers. The main attraction and also is considered the most beautiful one located at Mui Ne, opposite Tien stream

2. Mekong Delta

Vietnam destinations

Mekong Delta tour is rated by many visitors as one of the most attractive tours in Vietnam. In addition to visit fresh orchards, listen to traditional music, and enjoy Southern special cuisine, visitors also have the chance to visit floating markets - a featured activity only exist in this location, the Southwest Vietnam. Different from the Thailand floating market, which has created to serve tourists only, the floating markets in Mekong Delta are created for trade, barter of the local people from long time ago.

3. Sapa

Vietnam destinations

Sapa is a famous Vietnam Destinations located in Lao Cai province, Vietnam. It contains many wonders of nature, natural landscape and topography of the mountains, the green of the trees, making a painting with a harmonious layout, romantic scenery and attractive landscape of the Northwest Vietnam 

4. Phuquoc island

Vietnam destinations

Many visitors rated Phuquoc as the next tourist hot spot in Vietnam. However current attractive beaches are not too crowded. Hunffingtonpost even stressed: "Be quick to come here to enjoy life before others discovered this secret". 

5. Cuchi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels system had been created long time back -from 1948 to assist Viet Minh in the combat with French and continuing to be built over 25 years later. It was an underground city with living areas, kitchens, storage, weapons factories, field hospitals, command centers was housed up to 10,000 people who virtually lived underground for years... getting married, giving birth. During the American war, the entire of Cu Chi was designated as a free fire zone and was heavily bombard. From 1988, two sections of tunnels have been opened for visitors, and it turns out to one of the best Vietnam destinations for travelers to visit.
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