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Friday, February 19, 2016

Where to go in Vietnam – Gorgeous flower roads

Where to go in Vietnam

Let's review some beautiful flower roads all over Vietnam, so it will give you some ideas of where to go in Vietnam.

1. Triangle circuit flower festival in Ha Giang

In late October, early November is the season of triangle circuit flower along the way to Lung Cu, Ha Giang. This is actually plant by the local farmers for grain baking, but when they bloom, they are pinkish white flowers which are very beautiful.

2. Cauliflower, Moc Chau

About 200 km from Hanoi, Moc Chau is one of the glamorous Vietnam destinations when it is the time of cauliflower blooming from the end of October and beginning of November.

3. Cherry blossoms in Sapa, Laocai

Although blooming throughout the northwest but cherry blossoms in Sapa still attracts tourists a lot more. December to February is the time of cherry blossoms in Sapa. If you are wondering where to go in Vietnam this coming winter, this may be the answer.

4. Ban flower, Northwest Vietnam
Ban flower blooms around March, when the drizzle has stopped and the weather is getting warm. With the pristine white color, Ban petals create the gorgeous poem for  northwestern mountains of Vietnam.

6. Wildflower, Dalat

In the end of every October, Dalat welcomes travelers from all over the country to come visit, especially for wildflower season. Two roadsides are full of wildflower, like they are catching the sun rising, the leaves hung as welcome everyone. Though it's not as brilliant as sunflower, but when when it's blooming, wildflower creates a carpet of yellow color all the way to the plateau.

7. Sesame Fortune Flower, Hanoi

Sesame fortune flower is red, tiny, falling across the beautiful Guom lake that makes a poetic, romantic scenery. It's blooming twice times a year, in early summer and late fall. When the sun is going down, this flower starts blooming, gives passionate fragrance. The best moment of sesame fortune flower is at night. The next morning flower will fall off as a carpet under the tree or floating on the water of the lake.

Where to go in Vietnam
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